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Our Vision

To tell the world that there is TIME NO LONGER:

TIME to receive forgiveness of sin, NO more condemnation, LONGER prosperous life, intimacy, and peace with God for all who believe in JESUS.

Our Mission

To win souls and disciple them to SHINE:

S– Spread the Gospel Everywhere, with Every means to bring souls to God

H– Help believers come to maturity and live Victoriously

I– Involve the best use of technology and innovation

N– Narrow down to excellence in Everything

E– Exemplify what we preach

Our Beliefs

We believe in the infallibility of the Word of God. We believe that

Our Heavenly Father is Loving. In Christ, he took on flesh so that he could redeem us to himself. In Christ, we can clearly see who God is. Whatever is true about Christ is true about our heavenly father

Christ is the Proof of God’s unchanging and eternal Love towards man. God’s purpose before the world began was that through the sacrifice of Christ, we will become His sons and daughters

The Cross is the Greatest Demonstration of God’s love. Through it, God’s Love, Wisdom, and Power is revealed.

The Holy Spirit is in every Believer, creating in us the desire to obey God and then helping us to obey. 

The Bible is the greatest book and most accurate document. The bible is a book that documents God’s great love for us. 


Our Team

Our Beliefs

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Youth & Kids

Next Steps

Our Church Leadership

Pastors Sign and Debby Wonders, supported by a unique team of leaders, currently lead the Church community towards our God-given mission.

Pastor Signs Wonders

Pastor Signs Wonders

Senior Pastor

A dear child of God who desires to share the knowledge of Christ everywhere and through every means possible, Signs is an anointed minister of God. 

He leads, writes (songs, movies, books), preaches, and is a creative gospel content developer. Pst Signs is proudly married to Debby Wonders and has a beautiful daughter – Fresh Wonders